Q: Which genres of music does Write Rhythm support?
A: Currently, we support 79 sub-genres of electronic music. More genres to come in the near future! We currently support:

  • Breaks
    • Acid Breaks
    • Big Beat
    • Breakbeat
    • Breakcore
    • Breaks
    • Progressive Breaks
  • Disco
    • Boogie
    • Disco
    • Funk/Soul
    • Indie Dance
    • Noir
    • Nu Disco
    • Post Punk
    • Re-Edit
  • Drum & Bass
    • Darkcore
    • Drum & Bass
    • Jungle
    • Liquid
    • Neurofunk
    • Ragga
  • Dubstep
    • Brostep
    • Chillstep
    • Darkstep/Deathstep
    • Drumstep
    • Dubstep
    • Grime
    • Hard Dubstep
  • EDM
    • Bass House
    • Big Room
    • Complextro
    • Deep House (EDM)
    • EDM
    • Electro House (EDM)
    • Future House
    • Progressive House (EDM)
    • Tropical House
  • Electronica/Balearic
    • Ambient
    • Balearic
    • Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
    • Chillout
    • Downtempo
    • Electronica
    • Experimental
    • Leftfield
    • Synthwave
  • Garage
    • 2 Step
    • Future Garage
    • Garage
    • Speed Garage
    • UK Garage
  • Hardcore
    • Gabba
    • Happy Hardcore
    • Hardcore
    • Hardstyle
    • Jumpstyle
    • Metalcore
    • Speedcore
  • House
    • Acid House
    • Afro House/Latin House
    • Deep House
    • Electro House
    • Funky House
    • G House
    • Hard House
    • House
    • Minimal
    • Progressive House
    • Playa Tech
    • Soulful House
    • Tech House
    • US Garage
  • Techno
    • Acid Techno
    • Deep Techno
    • Dub Techno
    • Hard Techno
    • Minimal Tech
    • Techno
  • Trance
    • Ambient/Beatless
    • Hard Trance
    • Progressive Trance
    • Psy Trance
    • Trance
    • Uplifting Trance
  • Trap
    • Chill Trap
    • Future Bass
    • Hard Trap
    • Hybrid Trap
    • Trap
    • Trap Hop
    • Trap Step

Q: How many record labels will my demo be sent to ?
A: That’s up to you. Once you create your account you’ll be able to filter record labels based on genre, sub genre, music type, and location. You’ll also be able to filter based on whether the label puts out their releases on vinyl, digital, or cd/dvd. From there, you can send your demo to as many or as few labels as you’d like.

Q: How much does the service cost?
A: Five bucks per song, ten cents per label (US Dollars).

Q: Will using Write Rhythm get me signed?
A: It depends on how good your tracks are and who you decide to send them to. We don’t guarantee you’ll get signed, but we’ll do our best to make sure you get the best possible introduction to the labels you write to. Of course, the more labels you reach out to, the better your odds are of finding one who is interested in your music.

Q: Which track should I include with my demo?
A: Use the track(s) you think are the best you’ve made and most representative of your sound—the one(s) that show your unique sound. Use complete songs only. Generally, record labels do not like to be sent unfinished productions.

Q: Which labels does Write Rhythm work with?
A: We work with a wide variety of labels. Without getting too much into the nitty gritty, in order to work with Write Rhythm they must pass our verification process. Basically, we make sure they’re legit before we send any of your demos their way.

Q: Record labels are so pre-internet. Why would I want to be on one?
A: Record labels still play an important role in the music industry, especially when it comes to music discovery. It’s very helpful to link up with a label that provides support for you and what you’re doing. There are many advantages to being on a label, one of the most important of which is to help you reach and cultivate a wider fan base.

Q: How long does it take for these record labels to respond to my submission?
A: That depends on the record label. Like different songs, BPMs will vary. Usually, you’ll get an auto response to your message. That’s standard practice. The label may then take days or weeks to respond to your submission. Instead of waiting around for a response from a label, use that time to be productive and create more music. Remember, you aren’t the only one sending music to the label.

Q: What do I write in a music submission?
A: Who you are, your influences, any notable accomplishments. Keep it brief, direct, professional, and let the music do the heavy lifting. Here’s an example of a well-written demo submission. Here’s a good example

Q: Which label should I choose to sign with?
A: Have you heard of some of the other artists on the label? Are you a fan? What are they offering you? These are all things to consider when deciding which label to sign with.

Q: Can I sign the same song to two different labels?
A: Sometimes artists will sign the original to one label, and the radio edit to another. Double check with your label to find out which rights they are purchasing.

Q: Why does my music submission need to be approved before being sent?
A: To ensure it’s a music submission, not spam.

Q: How long does it take for my music submission to be approved?
A: Twenty-four hours is the maximum turnaround to approve music submissions.

                        Record Label

Q: Why was my record label removed from Write Rhythm?

A: To ensure a quality standard, we may delete your listing if we were unable to find your record label’s website, social media pages, listing on the appropriate online stores or if your label is inactive.

Q: How many demo submissions will my Record Label receive?

A: This depends on if an artists demo submission criteria matches with your Record Label’s filter settings. The more specific your filter settings are, the more specific the music will be.

Q: Is it possible for my Record Label to limit the number of tracks we will receive per day/week/month?

A: At the moment, you need to Opt-Out from our service then re-register when you are ready to receive more demo submissions.

Q: Do you select the artists joining Write Rhythm?

A: No. All producers of all sorts of genres may use the service.

Q: How do I guarantee that all the demo submissions being sent to my Record Label are quality and are perfect for my labels sound?

A: We simply cannot judge whether a song is “qualified” for your Record Label or not. But our system will allow only certain kinds of music being sent to you according to your filter settings. We are always developing more detailed ways on how music is being sent to a Record Label.

Q: Is it possible to edit my Record Labels settings?

A: Yes. Please go to this link to change your Record Label settings.

Q: I don’t want any more demo submissions to be sent to my Record Label. How do I do this?

A: Click here if you would like to Opt-out from Write Rhythm.

Q: If I receive a demo submission from an artist, is that same track being sent to other labels too?

A: An artist may choose to send their track to multiple record labels.

Q: How do I get my logo on the Write Rhythm home page banner?

A: If you would like to be featured on our homepage please send us your logo to label@writerhythm.com

Q: What contact information is being shown to the users of Write Rhythm?
A: The users are only able to view your Record Label name and your designated email address and thats after they’ve sent the music submissions and after you’ve replied to them. Any other information about your Record Label we keep for ourselves.

Q: Why do you need my address or phone number?
A: Its a formality. Lets say we want to change a setting for you or need to contact you, If we can’t reach you through your email address we’d like to give you a call directly. The physical address is so we ensure your a legit Record Label.