Compose a sleek demo submission email using our simple online form. Here you can include your personal details, a message to the labels, press shots, track descriptions, album art and of course – links to your music. A number of formatting templates are available for you to personalise your email campaign and further express your style as an artist.


Once your demo submission email has been put together, Write Rhythm will then present to you a filtered list of Record Labels that we work with and that are relevant to your music. Behind the scenes, our service uses a filtration system to find appropriate Record Labels based on the information that you’ve provided about yourself and your music. From here, you simply tick the boxes of the Record Labels that you like and send out your demos!


The fun part. Check your email inbox regularly for feedback and release offers from the Record Labels that dig what you do. Our advice, be responsive to all replies, but also be patient with your decisions. Many Record Label owners and A&R managers are busy people and won’t always respond to your submissions immediately. Allow some time for responses before finalising any offers. Please keep in mind; any correspondence with the Record Labels following the demo submission is entirely up to you, so be professional. Write Rhythm has no part in the discussions or negotiation of agreements that follow on from any demo submissions, we’re simply helping you get heard.



For Record Labels, the service is easy and it’s free. Simply fill in your contact details using our online form and Opt-in to begin receiving fresh and relevant demo submissions direct to your email inbox.


Specify your interests. Write Rhythm provides an extensive list of music categorising options, giving Record Labels the unique opportunity to filter demo submissions and receive only those that are appropriate to them. Here, you are able to decide on factors like where the music is from, its genre and sub-genre, whether the track is an original or a remix and even specific track characteristics. The more detail you provide at this point, the more relevant the submissions that you receive will be to your Record Label.


Demos submitted by Artists are sent directly to your inbox in the form of a clear and comprehensible single page email. The emails contain Artist information, links to the music and track descriptions. Additional information such as press shots, album art and links to the artists various online content will often be presented too, should the Artist wish to include these.

When a demo is received that is a match for your Record Label, simply hit reply on the email to contact the Artist directly, the rest is up to you!

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